Prepared by the ECOVAST Working Group on Rural Architecture


The purpose of this strategy is to state ECOVAST's vision for the care of Europe's rich and varied heritage of traditional rural buildings, and to set out what this implies for policy making and practical action.

The ideas in this report are set within the context of ECOVAST's "Strategy for Rural Europe", which was published in 1991 and updated in 1994. That strategy emphasises the strong links within rural Europe between the heritage - including trraditional rural buildings - and the well-being of people. Within that broad context, the Rural Architecture Working Group was asked to examine in more detail the challenge presented by traditional rural buildings and to prepare a strategy addressed to all who share responsibility for the care of this key element in Europe's heritage.


The current state of traditional rural buildings in Europe

Brief review of current policies

A policy framework for the future

  • Defining the heritage
  • Protecting the heritage
  • Caring for the heritage
  • Who should take responsibility ?

    Annex 1 Questionnaire used in review of systems to protect historic buildings

    Annex 2 Comparison of systems in 12 countries

    Full Report not currently available